Ideal patients for nasal surgery

  • You are well researched and know what you want.
  • You had a good look at the info on this website.
  • You have a combination of functional nasal problems and some aesthetic frustration
  • You have realistic expectations regarding surgery and know perfection is not realistic.
  • You are emotionally whole despite your nasal frustration.
  • Your know your personality makes up for any deformity.
  • You are doing this for yourself. 
  • You have a good friend or family member for support during the first 2 weeks after surgery
  • Your work/business/family will allow you time off to recover for 10 to 14 days after surgery
  • You trust Dr. van Wyk after the first consult.


Nasal Surgery

Functional nasal surgery

“I want to breathe through my nose…”

Whether you are looking to find advice on medical treatment for you nose or you are in need of complex reconstructive nasal/septal surgery after multiple failed previous surgeries, Dr van Wyk will caringly do a full assessment and guide you through your options and treatments until your breathing is restored.


Contacting us

063 9511374

063 9511374

Functional nasal surgery

..this is a passion for Dr van Wyk.

Being trained in both the fields of ENT Surgery and Facial Plastic Surgery helps Dr van Wyk to offer you the highest standard of specialist medical and surgical care for your nose.


ENT Surgery

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