Ideal patients for nasal surgery

  • You are well researched and know what you want.
  • You had a good look at the info on this website.
  • You have a combination of functional nasal problems and some aesthetic frustration
  • You have realistic expectations regarding surgery and know perfection is not realistic.
  • You are emotionally whole despite your nasal frustration.
  • Your know your personality makes up for any deformity.
  • You are doing this for yourself. 
  • You have a good friend or family member for support during the first 2 weeks after surgery
  • Your work/business/family will allow you time off to recover for 10 to 14 days after surgery
  • You trust Dr. van Wyk after the first consult.




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Contacting us

063 9511374

063 9511374

Rhinoplasty Surgery

Rhinoplasty Surgery:

  • During your first visit you will be seen by Dr. Tselapedi-Sekeitto. Your visit is likely to include a full history and nasal examination, nasal endoscopy, a clinical set of photos and a discussion on what is realistic to expect after.
  • Your second visit is where photos are reviewed, including pre op illustration using Photoshop. The surgery, what to expect and the possible complications are discussed and questions answered. Please bring a supportive family member or friend along.
  • Nasal Surgery is complex and takes time. Theatre time is expensive but Sandton Intercare has the lowest rates in the area. 
  • We may refer patients for a psychological opinion where extra support may be of benefit.
  • Note not all patients requesting surgery can be accommodated and we are selective in whom we offer cosmetic surgery to.
  • Many of our patients also have functional nasal issues that may help to sort out at the same time and bring the cost to the patient down.
  • For more info please fill in the Rhinoplasty Enquiry form below. You will receive an automated email with extra info. 

Rhinoplasty surgery

Booking Rhinoplasty Surgery

  • When you are ready to come for your first visit, please contact us via the Rhinoplasty Enquiry Form below or on 063 9511374.
  • Our busiest times are during October to December so please contact us early to avoid disappointment.



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