Ideal patients for nasal surgery

  • You are well researched and know what you want.
  • You had a good look at the info on this website.
  • You have a combination of functional nasal problems and some aesthetic frustration
  • You have realistic expectations regarding surgery and know perfection is not realistic.
  • You are emotionally whole despite your nasal frustration.
  • Your know your personality makes up for any deformity.
  • You are doing this for yourself. 
  • You have a good friend or family member for support during the first 2 weeks after surgery
  • Your work/business/family will allow you time off to recover for 10 to 14 days after surgery
  • You trust Dr. van Wyk after the first consult.




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Sleep Apnea Surgery

Sleep Apnea Surgery

We normally recommend you to be seen by a Sleep Medicine Specialist first. This allows screening for insomnias, covers medical treatment needed and gives you access to sleep studies that provides a lot of useful data regarding the problem. Our local Sleep Medicine Specialist is Dr. Rosman (Neurologist specialising in Sleep Medicine). Contact Number for Dr. K. Rosman: 011 784 0278


Contacting us

063 9511374

063 9511374

Sleep Apnea Surgery

Sleep Apnea Treatment

  • Dr. Tselapedi-Sekeitto is asked to be involved to assess if surgery is an option in cases where both Mandibular Advancement Splints and CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) Therapy have failed.
  • The surgery will be discussed in detail during your visit, including a detailed discussion on success rates and risks.
  • Please bring a friend of family member along.
  • Please remember to bring along all previous sleep studies, your Mandibular Advancement Splint and a recording of your sleep (there are several app’s for this)
  • As part of your assessment you will likely have a small camera (scope) inserted via the nostril to see the nasal and throat areas. This is well tolerated by most and takes less than 2 minutes to complete.


Sleep Surgery

Sleep Apnoea enquiry

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