At the time of your initial consultation, you will have opportunity to ask questions during the consultation. If you know of any questions you want to ask we encourage you to have them written down as one tends to forget to ask. 

Doctor aims to discuss surgery and risks involved during the consult but will again be available for questions on the day of surgery. 

On the day before surgery (or the Friday before the Monday) we will try to contact you on the relevant phone numbers you provided so as to confirm you want to go ahead, give you an indication on where on the list you will be, when to stop eating (6 hours before your planned surgery) and drinking (you may drink clean water only up to 2 hours before), when to be at the hospital and what to bring with you. This will include a list or labelled boxes of all your medication you are on.

On the day of surgery, please understand that there will be a bit of waiting around as a lot of paperwork needs to get done. You will see doctor before the surgery as well to confirm your consent to the surgery and answer any questions. Please remember to tell us if you are allergic to any medications, have had aspirin (Disprin, Grandpa, Corenza C, etc) or have had previous reactions to anaesthetics. The anaethestist will also see you for a pre operative consult to check you are fit for anaesthetic.

For children, please reassure them that we do not give them injections, that you as parent will be with them when they fall asleep and when they wake up. They will be expected to inhale a strawberry or vanilla smelling gas. As they fall asleep, they often move a bit which is normal and not remembered by them.

Please note that as far as surgical fees are concerned, we will discuss our fees with you prior to your surgery. We will normally issue you with a page that contains all the diagnostic and operating codes so that you may contact your medical aid for authorization. We will arrange the hospital bed, anaesthetist and theatre list. The page will also normally include any co-payments you may need to make to us or the anaethetist. The hospital is the third bill for surgery, as they provide the theatre time and bed for the length of admission. The hospital is normally covered by your medical aid.

We are no longer contracted in to any medical aid, but some medical aids will still cover the surgical cost in full to the patient. You will have to pay us though, as your medical aid will pay the money into your account.

For work not covered by the medical aids or cosmetic facial surgery we issue individualized quotations.


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