I am delighted to report that after meeting with Dr. Pieter Swanepoel, owner of the Nose Clinic, I will now be able to use the facilities at the Nose Clinic in Pretoria for operating, starting from October 2013.

The facility is well known, with a strong reputation of excellence for more than 20 years. The Nose Clinic is geared towards and specialized in doing nose surgery under sedation, is fully licensed and equipped with specialized instruments to do the job and do it exceedingly well. 

The anaesthetist has extensive experience working with Dr. Swanepoel for many years and is clearly a dedicated and caring man.

The staff is also friendly, kind, caring and focused on the needs of nasal surgical patients.

I look forward to spending many hours with this dedicated team. 

Please feel free to contact my staff on 044 8733072 for more information.


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