Rhinoplasty (Nose reconstruction / Nose job) surgery whether for reconstructive, functional or cosmetic reasons remains a worthwhile procedure. 

In the South African culture it is often underestimated how much value is added in terms of first impressions, perceived self value, society's reactions and even job prospects when from an attention drawing nose, normality is restored and the focus falls, as it should, on the eyes and lips. 

But it is only after years of teaching and experience that you appreciate the nuances of the surgery and are able to combine skillful pre-operative analysis with a unique combination of specialized techniques to give the optimum result. The skilled surgeon should incorporate the patients personality, wishes, stature, mannerisms, local anatomy and smile analysis to form a custom made plan for surgery on an individual basis. Gone are the days of a step wise approach to aim for a bit of a barbie like nose. 

Most patients present with a functional component as well, and this needs to be thoroughly addressed at surgery to give a satisfactory outcome.

Our reconstructive nasal surgery patients are very special to us. Even if it takes a four hour plus operation to harvest rib cartilage and then to carefully build this into the nasal framework you can know I am working with a smile on my face, enjoying every minute of the challenge. 

It is definitely worth it. You can see on the post op photos how their whole perception of themselves have changed.

Rhinoplasty surgery is a vibrant field. Techniques that give inferior long term results are now avoided. We understand that building in structure into the nose is of paramount importance, otherwise you will find that the surgery has a "shelf life" of around 10 years, after which the long term result of the weight of the skin muscle envelope will be too much for the supporting bone and cartilage and changes will take place. We are still learning, and will likely continue to improve short and long term result as we learn. 

You may read a printed copy of "Special considerations in primary aesthetic rhinoplasty in Northern Europeans" when you visit the rooms, where I am a co-author, published in the "Facial Plastic Surgery Journal" in 2010.  You may also like to know that I am a chapter author in an upcoming book "Essential Rhinoplasty" edited by Dr. Anthony Sclafani and published by Thieme Publishers from New York. There is also an online textbook called "Rhinoplasty Archive" where I am a co-author.

Rhinoplasty techniques used by Dr. van Wyk include:

  • Open and closed approach 
  • Tip work using sutures / grafts /  implants
  • Lateral crural strut grafting and repositioning of the lower lateral cartilages
  • Dized cartilage and temporalis grafting
  • Harvesting of cartilage from the nose / ear / rib areas

Rhinoplasty / Nose job surgery is life changing surgery. When someone who has always been known for their ugly nose suddenly has a normal looking nose, the changes are remarkable and affects their outlook on life, their self esteem/self image and overall quality of life. 

The young lady above came to see us with functional (blocked nose) and cosmetic (skew nose) concerns. She is delighted with her result, now more than 6 months from surgery.

Please feel free to contact us for more information or if you are interested in having surgery. We promise to look after your best interests and do our best for you.

Dr. F. Carl van Wyk

PS. I can now also offer Nasal Reconstruction / Rhinoplasty surgery at the Nose Clinic in Pretoria.

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